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Start My Own Home Care can help you understand the home care industry and the growing need for quality senior care in your state.

Private-duty, non-medical home care is the fastest growing segment of healthcare in America. 

Home Care is a Booming Industry

There are numerous reasons why the home care industry is seeing such accelerating growth, including:


Increase in Need

Millions of people are reaching an age where they will need some sort of home care, increasing the expanse of the industry. With so many people in need, the industry will respond by growing to accommodate the demand.



Many people are realizing that home care is a much more affordable route to providing people with the assistance they need. This is especially true when compared with such things as independent and assisted living communities and nursing homes.


Aging in Place

People are beginning to understand the importance of helping adults as they age to be able to age in place, or stay in their own home. This helps them maintain their independence, be happier, and be able to stay in their familiar surroundings. In-home care is the option that allows them to do this.



Rather than taking the client out of the home for appointments the home care industry can bring many of those services directly to the individual. This provides a convenient route to getting clients the assistance they need.


Let us help you through the home care business thought process.


We will help you through the maze of choices when deciding to start your own private-duty, non-medical home care business.



Using the tools we provide and us as your TrustedRESOURCE, you will save time and money.



Own and operate your own private-duty, non-medical home care organization. You won't be paying franchise fees, and you'll have the support you need along the way.



Each week we help owners from across the country to successfully start, operate, and grow, their own private-duty, non-medical home care organizations.


Independent Ownership Will Give Your Home Care A Stronger Bottom-Line.





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